Syncro Design

This is a work in progress started on 2011.01.19::17:00.

Yep, I have already noticed a conflict between jquery.DOMWindow.js & Steve Hatcher's Sticky Footer Solution in Internet Explorer... It works great in both Chrome & Firefox though.


This is is a quick temporary page, so that you can see something rather than just stare at an empty screen with an e-mail address.

This will soon evolve into an updated showcase of some of my current and past adventures, which spread among programming, many music projects (feel free to check Syncro, Fuckware & Cliché, as well as some literary projects - mostly in Spanish.

Current tasks:

  • Upgrading my PHP skills, doing some cool Perl, Python & Ruby stuff.
  • Sorting out recorded material for some future music demos.
  • An experimental writing project

Feel free to e-mail me to - you shoud have JavaScript enabled to see a spam-safe e-mail address.